Your Deepest Intent, Letters from the Infinite, Volume 2 (Book)

<i>Your Deepest Intent, Letters from the Infinite, Volume 2</i> (Book)
Your Deepest Intent, Letters from the Infinite, Volume 2 (Book)
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Hardbound Book, 389 pages

Your Deepest Intent, Letters from the Infinite, Volume 2
As revealed to Rev Deborah L. Johnson

Sounds True publishers, 2007

The Letters from the Infinite series is a collection of prophetic letters that apply ancient spiritual wisdom to contemporary personal, social, and political issues. This second volume, Your Deepest Intent, speaks of the urgency for our American society to evolve from dualistic paradigms based on scarcity and otherness to Oneness paradigms rooted in spiritual wholeness and social interconnectedness. Energizing our most creative force, Your Deepest Intent navigates us through the peaks and valleys of inner excavations and outer integration to pure intent---the place where thoughts, words, and action align, where cross-purposes are ended.

Your Deepest Intent shares 43 messages which reveal the limitations of our existing paradigms and challenge us to look in new directions as individuals and as a nation. They teach us how to understand, purify, and actually live our deepest intent.


Praise for Your Deepest Intent/i>:

"Your Deepest Intent is for our personal and universal healing. Accessible and illuminating, it is a masterwork for this moment. Deborah Johnson is helping to usher in the new golden age that's coming. Her writings have helped me break through barriers. This offering has changed my life."

- Susan L. Taylor, editorial director, Essence

"You will be amazed, inspired, and stunned by this powerful book. Both the message and the messenger will touch your life deeply, and you will look back and say, 'That was one of the most important books I ever read.'"

- Lynne Twist, Author of The Soul of Money and Co-Founder of the Pachamama Alliance