Singing the Sacred Yes (Music CD)

<i>Singing the Sacred Yes</i> (Music CD)
Singing the Sacred Yes (Music CD)
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Music CD, 1 hour 9 minutes

Singing The Sacred Yes
Valerie Joi

Sounds True, 2006

The energy of Yes beckons us and, when we listen, reminds us that God is with us always. Singing the Sacred Yes is an invitation to deepen our relationship with the Divine. Twelve songs exemplify the universal ebbs and tides of healing and transformation on the journey to experiencing our Oneness with the Infinite. From the urgency of Set Me Free, to drinking the waters of Living Grace, to the joyous celebration of Rise Above, Singing the Sacred Yes accompanies you every step of the way.

Featuring a variety of musical styles---comforting ballads for the midnight hour, mellow jazz grooves for contemplative reflection, R&B rhythms for embracing life, spoken word for reawakening consciousness, and gospel rejoicing of the soul's liberation---Singing the Sacred Yes is a soothing and inspirational traveling companion.

Co-produced by Rev Deborah L. Johnson. Rev Deborah is featured on the spoken word piece "Unity"


Valerie Joi's song delivery is as fluid and focused as her life. She is a minister extraordinaire and her message of unconditional love and acceptance is clear, strong and uncompromising. Listening to her sing, play or direct is an artistic and healing journey in itself. Valerie Joi was featured as one of the director's top 10 picks at the 2005 Monterey Jazz Festival. As a director, she directed a choral ensemble of the 2005 San Jose Jazz Festival Orchestra featuring Jeri Allen on piano. Currently, she conducts three gospel choirs in the Santa Cruz area - the Inner Light Choir, Inner Light's Singing Circle, and the UCSC Gospel choir - each with 60 to 100 voices. As a New Thought Practitioner with an MBA from Rice University, she is grounded in the practical and the divine.