Letters From The Infinite: Vol 1, The Sacred YES (Book)

<i>Letters From The Infinite: Vol 1, The Sacred YES</i> (Book)
Letters From The Infinite: Vol 1, The Sacred YES (Book)
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Hardbound Book, 391 pages

The Sacred Yes, Letters from the Infinite, Volume 1
As revealed to Rev Deborah L. Johnson

Sounds True publishers, 2006

Experience the Divine in your life with one sacred word YES.

The voice of the Divine is as near to you as your own breath---just ask. That's what Rev. Deborah did in 1995. In a moment of darkness, there was nothing she could do but surrender. Take me now, oh Lord. Almost instantly she heard whispers---and they turned into more than 300 letters from Spirit. The Sacred Yes speaks to us individually and collectively, providing new paradigms for our interpersonal relationships, societal institutions, and global affairs.

The Sacred Yes book offers 54 of these letters from Spirit that provide not only soothing, affirmative wisdom, but words that lift us to our highest place of being.


Praise for The Sacred Yes:

"In the times in which we are living, The Sacred Yes is more than a must read. It is a must have to walk with, to share, to give away, and to talk about with everyone you know. Regardless of what state your life is in, Rev. Deborah L. Johnson offers divine guidance, wisdom, and revelation. What a blessing!"

- Iyanla Vanzant, author, spiritual leader, Inner Visions Worldwide

"Through her profound and joyous realization of the Spirit, Deborah Johnson illumines the path to wholeness and healing. The Sacred Yes helps us understand that each of us is indeed the Beloved, and that as we recognize and accept this we experience genuine spiritual awakening."

- Michael Bernard Beckwith, Agape International Spiritual Center, contributor to The Secret